Here’s an idea that could save you 15% or more, Gecio


Geico has definitely taken the time to come up with plenty of creative ideas for its commercials. The one that will always come to mind is the animated gecko with its British accent explaining Geico savings followed by the trademark logo at the end of the commercial. The caveman commercials were humorous, with its slogan “Its so easy… a caveman could do it.” Followed by the man made of money, shedding cash wherever he goes. The ‘Hump Day Camel’ became popular enough to have t-shirts. Now it is the “Well did you know…” commercial, my favorite being the not-so-wise owl. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the pig, Maxell, checking his Geico app, Facebook or Twitter followers for updates on Geico savings, while peacefully enjoying his vacation. My suggestion for Geico is to update its website. Despite the fact that its mobile usage is ahead of its time, the website could use some aesthetic appeal. If Geico put the same efforts into its website as it does its clever commercials it could lead the competition without question.